It's another edition of Into the Spidey Movieverse as Greg and Chico are hitting the homestretch on the way to No Way Home.

This time the two look at 2018's "Venom" starring Tom Hardy as Eddie Brock. They look at how Sony could possibly make an origin story for Venom work without Spider-Man and shockingly succeed at doing it. Among the things discussed include Eddie and Anne's relationship, the disgust at how we were lied to as kids as to how fun space would be, how far it is to get from East Malaysia to San Francisco and the joy of taking a bath in a lobster tank.

It's another story about a show that premiered after the "Big Game" and died not long after.  The show was in the same vein as Police Squad! and Brooklyn Nine-Nine and it came from Stephen J. Cannell.  But was America ready for an hour-long police comedy?  Obviously not.

December 4, 2021

Minisode 15–Mr. Delicious

In the early 90s, the fast food chain Rax thought outside the box with its mascot, selecting an animated spokesperson who was middle-aged, bland, monochrome, and going through multiple life crises, in order to attract the adult population.  The campaign failed badly; Rax filed for bankruptcy 3 months later.  Dickety-dee.

We have had this on our list for a while.  A recent YouTube discovery pushed it to the front of the line.  We give you in almost entirely alphabetical order, every guest star on The Love Boat...almost.

In Episode 6 of Into the Spidey Moviveverse, Greg and Chico look at the first solo adventure of Peter Parker in the Marvel Cinematic Universe with 2017’s Spider-Man Homecoming. 

Some of the matters discussed include the greatness of Michael Keaton, how Mr. Harrington keeps his job as a teacher despite being clumsy, hot Aunt May and the fly hat that Ned wears during the movie. 

Here’s hoping you pass the test that Tony Stark gives Peter after you listen to this episode. Just be sure MJ doesn't give you the finger though.

Laserdisc technology was new and hot in the early 80s.  One time in 1981, Sears put out a catalog on laserdisc.  We're not talking about it because of the technological innovations, nor are we here to talk about the general fashions of the day.  We're primarily here to talk about one person, a key figure in this disc.

NBC wasn't the only network showing a parade on Thanksgiving 1985.  CBS brought us parts of 5 different parades in its All-American Thanksgiving Parade, with TV stars in American locales including New York City, Detroit, Philadelphia, Hawaii, and...Toronto?!  Each location had its own style, and some parades put more energy and creativity into their work than others.

It’s on again as Greg and Chico return with Into the Spidey Movieverse as they finish the two Amazing Spider-Man movies with The Amazing Spider-Man 2 from 2014. 

Sony tried to set-up things in this movie that they ultimately could not cash in order to compete with the Marvel Cinematic Universe as the duo take a deep dive into this movie and what ultimately happened to the franchise. 

The two go over many things including Ghost Denis Leary, Jamie Foxx’s nerdy get-up, Dane DeHaan doing whatever the hell that performance he did in the movie was and a giant Blu-ray collector’s edition for the movie featuring Electro’s blue head.

Happy Thanksgiving, pilgrims!  We do our annual look at a Thanksgiving Day parade from the past by viewing the 1985 Macy's Parade.  As always, we have bands, floats, and celebrities, but there was a little something extra as a postscript to this parade.  It'll make you yell "Oh neat!"  Just remember, the Paramus Toys'R'Us store is closed on Sundays.

One of the more fascinating and entertaining Saturday morning shows in the mid-70s was The Ghost Busters, starring Forrest Tucker and Larry Storch, who worked together in the 60s on F Troop.  Unrelated to the movie franchise of the same name, it got a second life in the 80s thanks to that movie, but that's another episode.  It was cancelled for a reason we haven't covered thus far on this show, but you'll have to listen to find out.

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