September 16, 2021

Episode 198–Fall TV Campaigns

The new Fall TV season is here!  We're looking back at some classic Fall TV campaigns from the different networks, from reaching to the stars to insisting that we should all be there.

It's time to fight the frizzies in the newest edition of the It Was a Thing on TV Remastered series. This time we go back to Episode 16 and the Star Wars Holiday Special from 1978 on CBS.

Relive Harvey Korman pouring a drink over a hole in his head, an alien chef with multiple arms, the debut of Boba Fett and whatever the hell Itchy was viewing in his helmet.

September 13, 2021

Episode 197–Jeopardy! ties

The 38th season of Jeopardy! begins tonight and we felt it appropriate to talk about show rarities over the years.  We discuss various oddball tied games over the years, specifically games where contestants tied at zero or games in which a tiebreaker was used.

Screech, Slater, and Zack have all graduated from Bayside.  What's up next for the recent grads?  College, of course.  They're up to their usual mischief with the occasional familiar face and some new faces.  And most importantly, Bob Golic.

20 years ago this week, a game show scandal broke in the UK, as Major Charles Ingram, his wife, and another contestant collaborated and coughed their way to £1,000,000.  The trio later went to trial over the matter.  Listen to this episode and judge for yourself whether the money was hard earned or hardly earned.

Our second part of an interconnected trilogy of episodes. This edition of the It Was a Thing on TV Remastered series goes back to Episode 15 as we look at CBS' attempt to get in on that sweet Love Boat action with the comedy "Flying High"

Featuring Connie Selleca, Pat Klous and someone who had a great layover with Bobby Sherman according to the commercials for the Star Wars Holiday Special.

With this week being the 20th Anniversary of Aqua Teen Hunger Force as a regular series on Adult Swim, we take a look back at the very first appearance of our favorite trio on Space Ghost: Coast to Coast.

The Aqua Teens looked a lot different when they paid a visit to Space Ghost, Zorak and Moltar. We explain the differences between this and the regular series as the course of classic rock is changed forever in this episode, thanks a lot Space Ghost!

We've been waiting for this day to happen for weeks.  For the first time in over 41 years, Whew! has aired on US broadcast television.  Mike is here for the entire 3 hours, while Chico hops in about an hour and 45 minutes into the show.  Charge your way to listening to a day none of us ever thought would happen.

Greg and Chico are back with a new edition of It Was a Thing on TV Presents here on Podbean as they give their thoughts on James Gunn's DC movie "The Suicide Squad".

They have discussions about Harley Quinn's morals, the greatness of King Shark and his sad attempt at a fake mustache and just how the actors performed around someone who was invisible!

Then they talk about the recent teaser trailer for "Spider-Man: No Way Home" and where they believe things are going to shake up as far as the rumored castings of the movie are going.

Lastly, they finish by talking about a pair of trainwrecks in the situation with Bishop Sycamore on ESPN and the Mike Richards disaster over at Jeopardy!

The new TV season is nearby.  One of our favorite shows back in the day was the Saturday morning cartoon preview show that generally aired the night before the premiere of the new fall Saturday morning lineups.  In 1985, CBS went all out, producing an hour-long show with Rowdy Roddy Piper and celebrities ranging from Pee Wee Herman to Herve Villechaize to Captain Lou Albano to Kareem Abdul-Jabbar.  Who knew CBS' Saturday morning cartoons ran until 2 PM!

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