January 31, 2020

Episode 27–The Bud Bowl

People enjoy seeing ads during the Super Bowl sometimes as much as the game itself.  In the late 1980s through the late 1990s, The Bud Bowl was likely the most popular series of Super Bowl ads.  We reflect on The Bud Bowl's growth and eventual demise.

January 29, 2020

Episode 26–Banzai

"Banzai" was a British show which eventually aired on four different networks in the United States.  Why would such a show be bounced around?  Could it be the controversy that followed it?  We look at this bizarre and offensive show.

Spike TV took a chance on a different type of reality show, one in which everybody was an actor but one person, who the entire show was built around.  "The Joe Schmo Show" was a memorable and fun unique endeavor which we remember quite fondly.  We will cover the other seasons in the future.

We look at an infomercial for the CD-i entertainment system from the mid-90s, while spending a significant amount of time talking about the system's titles, versatility, and technological downfalls.

January 19, 2020

Episode 23–Joe Millionaire

One of the most hyped series of 2003 was "Joe Millionaire."  It lasted two seasons, and was off TV by the end of 2003.  We look at this flash-in-the-pan which briefly made a star out of a construction worker/underwear model.

"Doctor Who" has been a television staple for close to 6 decades.  One of the oddest entries in the "Doctor Who" canon happened in 1993 with its 2-part special titled "Dimensions in Time."

Chuck Barris was the king of the bizarre in the 1970s.  His spoof of beauty pageants, "The $1.98 Beauty Show," proves just that from the low stakes to the oddball host, Rip Taylor.

After Who Wants to be a Millionaire became an overnight smash, every network tried to find a series to capture similar lightning in a bottle.  We look at three of these shows--It's Your Chance of a Lifetime, Winning Lines, and Twenty One.  Mike also shares details about his tryout for Twenty One in 1999, including the rules to the game at that time.

The Jeopardy! tournament to discover the greatest player of all time is not ABC's first foray into airing Jeopardy.  We look at Super Jeopardy! from summer of 1990, including the times Chico and Mike played against Super Jeopardy! participants.  The majority of this episode is devoted to its companion show, Monopoly.  We hope you have patience for complex rules!

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