Comedy Central's TV Funhouse was from some of the minds associated with an entry from last week, The Dana Carvey Show.  It looked like a kid's show, but it was definitely not for the kids.

We look at ads Hulk Hogan has done over the years, from the conventional to the bizarre.

For your benefit, here is an ordered list of the ads covered and where to view them.  All links will open up in a new tab.

  1. Honey Nut Cheerios Commercial -
  2. Hulk Hogan Workout Set -
  3. 800-LoanMart -
  4. Right Guard Commercial -
  5. Pastamania Promo on WCW Nitro -
  6. MTV Commercial (The Big …. Show) -
  7. Pummax -
  8. 10-10-220 ad with ALF -
  9. 10-10-220 ad with Terry Bradshaw -
  10. 10-10-220 ad with Mike Piazza -
  11. Hostamania -
  12. Hitachi Japanese Commercial -
  13. Harris Teeter paper towel commercial -

The Dana Carvey Show had future superstars among its supporting cast and a who's who of comedy writers but why did it fail so quickly, besides the absurd show airing immediately after a very special episode of Home Improvement?  We look at why this show was truly too funny to fail.  Warning:  There is some language which is not appropriate for everybody.

Take a risk!  Take a chance!  Take a dare!  We double dare you to listen to this episode about the short-lived quizzer Double Dare.

We look at one of the most recent entries on our list, The Cool Kids.  It was co-created by Charlie Day, it had brilliant writing and casting, and it was loaded with TV legends.  What could go wrong?

We talk about the ultimate spoof of daytime talk shows, Night Stand with Dick Dietrick.  Topics in this show include successes (and a failure) which came for most of the people behind Night Stand, the time there was an accidental wardrobe malfunction, and what happened when Mike wrote an e-mail to the show.

March 8, 2020

Episode 38–The Critic

We start our look at short-lived shows we loved by looking at one of our favorite series from the 1990s, The Critic.  This show bounced around a bit, but had a lengthy life in reruns and even was revived as a brief web series in 2000.

The three of us have played video games for decades.  We decided to dedicate an episode to bad video games based on television programs.  If you like this, fret not; a second video game show will be coming later this year.

By coincidence, one of the biggest flops in TV history debuted 40 years ago today.  It was the epitome of Fred Silverman's tenure at NBC.  What do you get when you cross a Japanese pop duo with a comedian and turn it into a variety show?  You get Pink Lady.

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