November 30, 2020

Episode 114–Carter Country

Who knew racism could be so funny...?!  Carter Country somehow ran two seasons, despite a character who was an out-and-out racist.  Only one of us three could make it through an entire episode, and for good reason.  File this one under "doesn't age well."

The Undertaker wasn't the only person who celebrated the 30th anniversary of their debut in WWE this past week. At the 1990 WWF Survivor Series a heavily overhyped giant egg was set to hatch and out of it came ....... a man in a turkey suit. Listen as The Gobbledy Gooker and Mean Gene Okerlund try to excite a bored crowd in Hartford by dancing to Turkey in the Straw.

It's a tradition unlike any other here at It Was a Thing on TV.  Last year, we looked at the 1983 Thanksgiving Day parade.  This year, we jump to 1984, a time with Avril the Eccentric, creepy Cabbage Patch Kids, and a Fraggle with permanent sex face.

Rankin-Bass' first holiday cartoon was this highly fictitious take on the traditional and now-highly outdated take on the first Thanksgiving, involving a mouse who saves everything with a printing press?!  All the talent in the world couldn't save this antiquated relic, given what we know now.

A personal favorite of ours, what happens when you combine a Christmas episode with a naive teenager, then sprinkle in two of the goofiest mafiosos you'll ever meet?  You'll get a very special episode with one heck of a takeout business.

November 16, 2020

Episode 110–Makin’ It

It's another show from the late 70s which tried capitalizing on the disco craze.  Unfortunately, timing is everything.  Makin' It even had a Travolta, just not that one.  Also this installment, we return to full strength.

November 12, 2020

Episode 109–1-900 Numbers

1-900 numbers were a staple of television advertising back in the 1980's and 1990's. It seems you couldn't go one half-hour back in the day without seeing a commercial for a 1-900 number. Chico and Greg go through some of the best(?) of these ads for you in this episode.


Freak Phone -

Elvis Hotline -

Boglins Hotline Commercial -

Dial an Insult -

Hot Hints -

Mac and Me Hotline -

1-900 Spell It Hotline Commercial -

1-900 Cry -

Corey Hotline -

MC Hammer Hotline

Tiffany 1-900 Commercial

Fresh Prince Hotline -

KISS 1988 Hotline -

Twin Peaks Hotline -

Let’s Make a Deal Hotline -

Santa’s Rap Hotline -

Grandpa Munster’s Junior Vampires of America -

Freddy Krueger Hotline -

Captain Lou Hotline -

Rhonda’s Private Fun Line -

Mean Gene Hotline -


In honor of the upcoming reboot on Peacock, we look at the time the Bayside gang spent their summer vacation for a nice relaxing trip to Hawaii at Kelly's grandfather's hotel. Over the course of the trip they encounter Hawaiian natives, greedy hotel owners, shady lawyers and yes Mr. Belding. Also, Zack Morris being trash tries to hook up with a women who works at the rival hotel. You won't believe what happens.

As chosen by our listeners on our Facebook page we present possibly the craziest subject on our podcast yet. Featured in the 10th season of Mystery Science Theater 3000, A Case of Spring Fever is a 1940 educational short subject about a man who has a problem with springs and wishes to never see another spring again. Don't say we didn't warn you about what happens next. NO SPRINGS! TEEHEEHEEHEEHEE!

In 2001, South Park creators Trey Parker and Matt Stone created a send up of television sitcoms involving the then brand new presidency of George W. Bush. It had the brilliance that the duo is known for, so why did this show only get eight episodes? Chico and Greg try to find out the reasons why in this episode.

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