Now You See It is another beloved Goodson-Todman classic that doesn't get enough credit, partially due to a year run, then a 15-week return fourteen years later.  But OMG, those sets, those hosts, and that music.  We also talk about the 1985 pilot hosted by Jack Clark.

It's time to take a visit back north of the border for the latest episode of the remastered series. This time we go back to Episode 11 and Pitfall. A Canadian game show that ended up stiffing everybody from Alex Trebek to the contestants.

A week and a half before the official series premiere of The Cube, all three of us watched a sneak peek episode after TNT's coverage of the NBA playoffs.  Going in, at least one of us had high expectations for this much anticipated series.  Were we left fulfilled after the show?  Enjoy the first episode of this long-running UK series.

Generally, we do not cover shows that ran as long as this one.  (Hello, Charles Stiles Mystery Diners.)  We could not avoid this show because of its two leads--the legendary Christopher Plummer and It Was a Thing on TV favorite Simon MacCorkindale.

Press Your Luck is back for another season and just like last year we're doing a special live show for the start of Season 3. Enjoy as we finally learn just what the heck a Flokati Rug is, what we'd do with a hot dog cart and figure out why Dan O'Toole did an awkward run-in on our live show thanks to Greg hitting the wrong button on his phone.

Greg uses his Money in the Bank pick on this sequel to The Shaggy Dog, which aired on ABC in 1987 as part of The Disney Sunday Movie. In this sequel to the Disney classic we learn some things like can dogs wear pajamas?

The newest edition of the remastered series goes back to Episode 10 and a topic Greg wanted to cover at the start of the podcast. The 1999 TBS spoof The Chimp Channel about a network made up of monkeys. Somebody get Chimp Larry Zbyszko a banana.

Everybody knows about the timeless Wheel of Fortune, but there was a show with that same title in the early 50s which had to do with rewarding good samaritans.

The mid-90s were a big period for game shows on cable, between Game Show Network's start, a possible Game Show Channel, and a foundation for that Game Show Channel--interactive game shows from Wink Martindale et al.  We look at the quartet of games which could be played at home on a telephone keypad.  Mike also shares his story about how he almost won some big prizes from one of those games.

Our next edition of the remastered series goes back to Episode 9 and The 1983 Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade.

Relive Mike, Chico and Greg talk about the Superman balloon that won't show his face, Charley Pride showing off his new album to the crowd, the meeting of the two America's Asses and Joey Lawrence (WHOA!).

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