We continue with our recap of 2021 with our favorite shows from the year, shows which came to a close in 2021, and our in memoriam section for those who left us in 2021.

We've completed another orbit around the Sun, which means we're doing our 2nd annual Year in Review show.  In this first installment, we talk about the best and worst of 2021.

We bring 2021's recaps to a close with yet another Rankin-Bass holiday special, Rudolph's Shiny New Year.  We also sing a bad rendition of a popular theme song, we talk about both the 1976 and 1985 Detroit Pistons, and we hypothesize about if New Year's Eve failed to exist after 1976 and about how we'd be celebrating the 46th year of 50 Grand Slam.

We present to you Mike reading from the 2018 literary classic The Golden Girls 'Twas the Night Before Christmas.  Enjoy and happy holidays.

Merry Christmas!  This show, we're watching an interpretation of a holiday classic, as show favorite Paul Lynde portrays the patriarch of a family in a star-studded 1977 adaptation of 'Twas the Night Before Christmas.

It's finally here, the last episode of Into the Spidey Movieverse before No Way Home.
Greg and Chico discuss 2019's Spider-Man: Far From Home. Some of the things discussed include the aftermath of Infinity War/Endgame, the romance between Aunt May and Happy, the greatness of JB Smoove, Night Monkey, Brad being a jerk and what the heck happened to Peter Billingsley's hair?!?!
Also we have a special surprise segment near the end when we talk about the Blu-ray/DVD releases. Let's just say you better hope Edward Bay's Price is Correct.
Brace yourselves!

We continue this year's look at holiday treasures with a Christmas tale about leprechauns?  The Leprechauns' Christmas Gold aired in 1981 and really has nothing to do with the holidays minus a scant few mentions of Christmas.  However, some big names lent their voices to this special.

Last show, we took a look at a live action version of Spider-Man from the late 1970s.  This episode, we took a look at a live action version of Spider-Man from the late 1970s...from halfway around the world.  Japan did their own take on the superhero, one that Stan Lee loved.

We’re heading into the home stretch on Into the Spidey Movieverse as we now hit the movie that this very show is named after. 

This time Greg and Chico discuss 2018’s Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse while exploring the journey Miles Morales takes into becoming Spider-Man. 

And also you get John Mulaney voicing an animated pig, I mean how can you go wrong with that? 

Coming to theaters this weekend is the newest installment in the Spider-Man film franchise "No Way Home".  We look at two televised versions of the franchise from the past.  We start with an episode about the live-action version from 1977 to 1979 that aired on CBS which was good but like many shows we've covered, was mishandled at the network level.

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