Doctor Who has had its fair share of successful spinoffs.  One whose pilot aired but didn't get picked up was K-9 and Company in 1981 at the Beeb.  It looked good and they brought back Elizabeth Sladen as Sarah Jane Smith for it, but something happened...

It's the second edition in the remastered series of our early episodes. This time we go back at Episode 3 where Mike and Greg looked at two of Glen Larson's 1983 outings Manimal and Automan.

Listen as Greg enjoys the greatness of Simon McCorkindale and his Falcon as Mike shakes his head while they visit a little place called ZIPPERS?!?! BTW, Cursor is still a little pervert.

With today being the 109th Anniversary of the sinking of the legendary ship, we take a look at S.O.S. Titanic. A made-for-TV movie that aired on ABC in 1979 which until it's Blu-ray/DVD release last year hadn't been seen by many in it's original broadcast length.

It's a star-studded TV movie featuring David Warner, Ian Holm, Helen Mirren, Cloris Leachman, David Janssen and Susan St. James (UH-OH!).

S.O.S. Titanic Movie Promo (KSAS FOX-24 Wichita) -

Does this remind you of anything?  Does this remind you of many things?  Mark Goodson's last original format, TKO was a little bit of a number of shows, from Jeopardy! to Blockbusters to Couch Potatoes.

We at It Was a Thing on TV are happy to announce we are improving the audio quality of some of our early episodes. So if you've started listening to us recently, it's a good chance for you to hear how the show has evolved to what it is now.

For the first remastered episode, we go back to the second episode of the podcast when we covered Mr. Smith. This episode is historic as it's the first appearance of Chico on the podcast and the first time Greg ever did the RAWR!

Seriously, Paramount+ please put Mr. Smith on the service! WE BEG YOU!

It's time for some revisionist history on a sci-fi channel with The Amazing Screw-On Head.  A star-studded cast couldn't get this out of pilot stage.  Maybe it was ahead of its time?

Pilot Month 2 continues with a show submitted just based on its ridiculous open.  It may have been the most entertaining part of The Nerd, a pilot for NBC done in 1989 which aired on the network.  It didn't air in 1989, though.

As an Easter gift to you our fans, we present our third Director's Cut episodes originally released on Place to be Nation POP for you to enjoy. This time we bring to you the Director's Cut of The Video Game Show, Part 2.

We've added fifteen minutes of additional material in this episode as we go in-depth on some of the questionable choices for helmets in ABC Monday Night Football on Super NES along with looking at YouTube playthroughs of The Price is Right for DOS and Thunder in Paradise on CD-i.

A favorite movie of ours from 2001 was Not Another Teen Movie.  So what happened when Comedy Central tried bringing it to the small screen six years later?  It was an unorganized mess which was nowhere as entertaining as the movie.  One plus is it had numerous stars, in 2007 and in the future.

If you took a short nap back in 1979, you likely missed this two episode wonder.  It was like Superfriends became a live action show with a horrible laugh track.  If you thought the laugh track was bad, wait until you hear about the production values.

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