Later this week is Star Trek Day, and we're talking about what is considered a continuation of the original series, done four years after the original's cancellation.  Is this true Star Trek canon?  Judge for yourself as we dive into Star Trek: The Animated Series.

April 14, 2022

Minisode 18–Titey

For the 109th anniversary of the Titanic's sinking last year, we looked at S.O.S. Titanic, a TV movie from 1979 with Susan St. James among others.  (UH OH!)  This year for the 110th anniversary, we're covering a much more light-hearted take, answering the question "What if Disney made a movie about the Titanic?"  Thanks to Robert Smigel, we think it might look a little like Titey.

March 10, 2022

Episode 249–Fluppy Dogs

In 1986, Disney did what Disney does best--make money, specifically with a new cartoon that already had a line of plush dolls.  But the direction Disney went was unconventional.  Fluppy Dogs were not dogs.  Rather, they were interdimensional travelers.  It's not your average Disney cartoon.

Fluppy Dogs - History of Disney Television Animation (Toonamp) -

January 24, 2022

Episode 235–Mr. Bogus

This show is so bad that none of us made it past 15 minutes into the first episode, yet it somehow lasted for 3 seasons?!  Apparently Freddie Freaker's cousin gets into situations and hilarity ensues.

We bring 2021's recaps to a close with yet another Rankin-Bass holiday special, Rudolph's Shiny New Year.  We also sing a bad rendition of a popular theme song, we talk about both the 1976 and 1985 Detroit Pistons, and we hypothesize about if New Year's Eve failed to exist after 1976 and about how we'd be celebrating the 46th year of 50 Grand Slam.

We continue this year's look at holiday treasures with a Christmas tale about leprechauns?  The Leprechauns' Christmas Gold aired in 1981 and really has nothing to do with the holidays minus a scant few mentions of Christmas.  However, some big names lent their voices to this special.

'Tis the season for your annual batch of oddball holiday fare!  We start this season with a Christmas special from an animated icon of the 1980s, which has very little to do with Christmas.  Get ready for He-Man's take on the holidays with much of the He-Man universe of characters, including sister She-Ra!

Ghetto Amusement Park He-Man & Skeletor (Wrestlecrap Radio) -

December 4, 2021

Minisode 15–Mr. Delicious

In the early 90s, the fast food chain Rax thought outside the box with its mascot, selecting an animated spokesperson who was middle-aged, bland, monochrome, and going through multiple life crises, in order to attract the adult population.  The campaign failed badly; Rax filed for bankruptcy 3 months later.  Dickety-dee.

We wrap up our Halloween trifecta of shows with some humor, straight from the minds at Saturday Night Live.  In 2016, David S. Pumpkins appeared on a Halloween sketch.  He proved to be so popular that he got his own half-hour special the following year.


It's listener request time!  We received a request to cover Wild West C.O.W.-Boys of Moo Mesa months ago, and we finally found a spot for it on our schedule.  When a comet lands in the Old West, the end result is anthropomorphic cows.  Enjoy their adventures in this ABC cartoon from the early 90s.

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