The Fourth of July is coming early next week.  To celebrate, we look at one of our favorite episodes of It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia, where the gang puts on a wrestling event with a little support from Rowdy Roddy Piper's character.

Another Marvel movie will be released soon as we celebrate the return of Thor, so it's time for more entries related to actors and actresses in the MCU.  We go back to 1980 for Stephen J. Cannell's first series, with Jeff Goldblum and Ben Vereen playing detectives in the short-lived but fondly remembered Tenspeed and Brown Shoe.

Early in COVID times, a lot of odd shows came down the pipe to entertain audiences stuck at home.  Gary Busey, Pet Judge was one of them.  Take fake court cases, presided by a fake judge, complete with fake plaintiffs and defendants, and throw in an obviously fake court reporter and...hilarity ensues?

FOX was the newcomer on the block in 1987, specifically when it came to primetime programming.  They threw a lot of stuff against the wall, to see if much stuck.  Women in Prison was one such program that just didn't click.  But that theme song!

It's viewer request time again!  You wanted us to watch this sort-of spiritual successor to High School U.S.A. (Episode 158) and we did!  Why did this movie about a summer camp originally air in the not-so summer month of February 1985?  We know why it reran in July 1985, besides it was summer.

It's the mid-80s, the Cold War rages on, and a comedian from Soviet Russia makes it big with appearances on Carson and on the stand-up circuit, and as a semi-regular on Night Court.  In 1986, he got his own vehicle, What a Country!  Listen to who was cast as the macho ex-Marine turned principal.

It's almost Greg's birthday and this is his Money in the Bank show.  A very young Jon Cryer plays the titular character in this show, as someone who goes from working in a mail room to being a big-time agent.

Schuckapalooza ends with one of the most forgettable shows we have ever covered.  Despite very little video available, Turnabout is one of the most painful series we have recapped, from the awkward premise to story lines which are ridiculous and even somewhat sexist.  John Schuck and Sharon Gless deserved so much better.

Schuckapalooza forges on with this reboot of a 1960s classic with our hero this week playing Herman Munster, a role made famous by Fred Gwynne. In this sequel series, the Munster family wakes up from a 22-year sleep and has to mostly deal with Grandpa's crappy inventions.

This week, we're having our own Schuckapalooza, covering three series starring underrated character actor John Schuck.  We start with Schuck playing a robotic police officer in the 13-week wonder Holmes and Yoyo.

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