May 28, 2022

Episode 274–The Noid

In the mid-80s, the pizza wars fueled up between primarily Pizza Hut and Domino's.  Pizza Hut had a successful campaign aimed at students, with the Book It! project.  Domino's promoted fast and hot delivery, and incorporated a Claymation spokesfiend named The Noid.

In Hometown Commercials Volume 1 back in Episode 98, we featured some ads from Kentucky attorney Darryl Isaacs.  We thought so much of them that we are dedicating an entire episode to "The Kentucky Hammer." This time we showcase the best of his Super Bowl commercials from years past including a special celebrity cameo from a football icon.

2007 -

2008 -

2013 -

Mission Impossible Commercial -

2016 with Special Guest -

2017 -

2018 -

Tug of War Commercial (2019) -

2020 -

December 4, 2021

Minisode 15–Mr. Delicious

In the early 90s, the fast food chain Rax thought outside the box with its mascot, selecting an animated spokesperson who was middle-aged, bland, monochrome, and going through multiple life crises, in order to attract the adult population.  The campaign failed badly; Rax filed for bankruptcy 3 months later.  Dickety-dee.

Laserdisc technology was new and hot in the early 80s.  One time in 1981, Sears put out a catalog on laserdisc.  We're not talking about it because of the technological innovations, nor are we here to talk about the general fashions of the day.  We're primarily here to talk about one person, a key figure in this disc.

Advertisers will try to sell you most anything.  At the same time, buyers will purchase most anything.  At least one of those statements is true when it came to a chess set related to the hotly-contested 2020 Presidential election.  Yes, there was a chess set dedicated to a Presidential election and it had its own half-hour infomercial!  When we saw this infomercial, we knew we had to talk about it.

We've scoured the Internet and found more of the crazy, cheap, and just bad local commercials, enough for this second helping.  From Dirt Cheap Liquor to our personal favorite Crazy Gideon, these ads have gone viral for a reason.

NOTE: There may be some flaky audio briefly in a few parts of this episode.

  1. Frankie and Johnny Furniture -
  2. Dirt Cheap Liquor -
  3. Horrible Insurance Commercial -
  4. Sutherland’s Kansas City -
  5. 97 cent Bowling -
  6. Phil Rizzuto for the Money Store -
  7. TDM Motors High Point - Cuban Gynecologist, American car salesman - 
  8. Dominos Pizza Alaska Commercial -
  9. Helena, Arkansas McDonalds Commercial (1995) -
  10. Burl Robinette -
  11. Eastern Motors with John Witherspoon -
  12. Eastern Motors with Brian Orakpo and Gilbert Gottfried -
  13. East Hills Mall (Back to School) -
  14. East Hills Mall (Mall Pretty) -
  15. Tint World Medford, NY -
  16. Pizza N Go Rap Commercial -
  17. Mormon Haircuts (Rhett & Link) -
  18. Crazy Gideon -
  19. Crazy Gideon (When the Rooster Crows…) -
  20. Crazy Gideon (They Say I’m Crazy) -
  21. Crazy Gideon Arts District Brewing Co. -
September 16, 2021

Episode 198–Fall TV Campaigns

The new Fall TV season is here!  We're looking back at some classic Fall TV campaigns from the different networks, from reaching to the stars to insisting that we should all be there.

Before Jason Alexander was George Constanza, he was in a popular commercial for the McDLT, a McDonald's sandwich from the 80s.  Greg and Chico talk about the ad, future offerings from McDonald's, a Filipino commercial for one of those sandwiches, and a very special ending with another McDLT commercial.

August 19, 2021

Episode 190–Herb

The 1980s contained many wars--The Cold War, the war on drugs, The Cola Wars, and The Fast Food Wars.  Wendy's struck first with Clara Peller and her catch phrase, "Where's the Beef?"  McDonald's had its own game plan with the McDLT.  Burger King went with a geeky guy who had never eaten at Burger King before named Herb?  Herb had a very short life span, but he did get around in 1985 and 1986.

Last year we did Hulk Hogan commercials and this year we're covering the Nature Boy Ric Flair in the various commercials he's done over the years.

We talk about weird spots he's done like promoting car insurance to promoting Nature Boy bites to promoting scratch-off lottery tickets. Ric has done it all including wrestling a Russian Bear and we're gonna talk about them in this episode! WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!


1. 1986 Great American Bash VHS Commercial -

2. TBS “TBYES” Commercial with Ric Flair and Jimmie Walker -

3. Ric Flair TBS NWA Main Event Commercial -

4. WCW Galoob Action Figures Commercial -

5. North Carolina Lottery Ric Flair Scratch Off Commercial -

6. North Carolina Lottery Ric Flair Scratch Off “Wooooo II” Commercial -

7. Fuel in a Bottle Commercial -

8. US Auto Sales - Papa Flair’s Used Cars -

9. Snickers Make It Happen with Ric Flair Commercial -

10. Cumberland Farms Cold Brew -

11. Nature Boy Bites -

12. WCW Clash of the Champions XXIII Promo -

13. TickPick No Extra Flair -

14. Jake’s Fireworks -

15. Ric Flair vs. Bear (EA Command & Conquer: Red Alert 3) -

16. Sabra Hummus Super Bowl LIV Commercial -

17. CarShield -

18. WWE Colonel Rumble -

19. Four Horsemen Vitamins -

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