We're sticking with the courtroom theme in this surprise live show where we go back to a show covered in Episode 117 as we look at a special episode of Personal Injury Court.

In this episode, Gino gives us the legal sauce in a case where a lady gets blinded in an eye by a bag of peanuts at a baseball game thrown by the team mascot.

Let's just say that the costume of the mascot is something that has been seen to be appreciated.

You can watch the episode and follow along at the official YouTube channel for Personal Injury Court. - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YXfEgepI5UA

Early in COVID times, a lot of odd shows came down the pipe to entertain audiences stuck at home.  Gary Busey, Pet Judge was one of them.  Take fake court cases, presided by a fake judge, complete with fake plaintiffs and defendants, and throw in an obviously fake court reporter and...hilarity ensues?

Our next edition of the remastered edition goes back to Episode 8 when Mike, Chico and Greg took a look at this weird entry in the exploding courtroom genre in the late 1990's. Somehow, Animal Planet didn't bother to bring back Doug Llewelyn for Judge Wapner's Animal Court even though they had the money for Rusty the Bailiff.

One of the more recent shows on our list, Personal Injury Court was clearly not real, between nobody apparently having health insurance to the ridiculous amounts of money people for which people sued.  Let's dive head first into the legal sauce with this installment.

In honor of 420, we present you with submission #420.  The High Court with Doug Benson was like any other court show with a marijuana twist.  Blink and you missed it because it went up in smoke fast.

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