Our next edition of the remastered series goes back to Episode 5 as we looked at two pet-centric game shows. That's My Dog which had a four-year run on The Family Channel and Think Like a Cat a one-off special that aired on GSN back in 2008.

Let's just say that Sega CD-ish animated open for That's My Dog is one of the best things we've ever talked about on this podcast.

Does this remind you of anything?  Does this remind you of many things?  Mark Goodson's last original format, TKO was a little bit of a number of shows, from Jeopardy! to Blockbusters to Couch Potatoes.

It was to be Paul Reubens' bounce back role after Pee Wee's Playhouse was cancelled.  You Don't Know Jack is but a blip in TV history, a deviation from what TV audiences were used to seeing.  Mike used his Money in the Bank on this and by the end of this episode, he regrets selecting this show.

To Tell the Truth is seemingly eternal, having been on television every decade since the 1950s.  We look at the 80s version, which didn't last long despite some quality central characters and visits from numerous old friends on the panel.  We also make a plea for Betty White to get on a game show before she turns 100.

February 12, 2021

Episode 135–Bzzz!

The Valentine's Day week tribute continues with a fun little game that didn't have the run it deserved, the late-90s Annie Wood speed dating game Bzzz!

January 14, 2021

Episode 127–Trivia Trap

When is a right answer not a right answer?  When it's a trap!  That was the original premise of Trivia Trap.  Once that format was viewed as flawed, most of the game changed.  It didn't help; the show was gone in 6 months.

Everybody knows about the current version of Jeopardy! and some remember the original version.  We're not talking about those shows.  We talk about the nighttime version from 1974-5 and, to a great extent, the 1978-9 NBC version.


Also in this episode...

*  The 1977 CBS Jeopardy! pilot

*  Password Plus' frequently changing time slot

*  Arte Johnson meets Bobby Riggs

The last NBC daytime game show was a good one, a true challenge.  Caesar's Challenge had Ahmad Rashad, gladiators, and a rotating cage of letters.  Also in this episode, the guys rattle off the name of everyone in Arizona in 1993 they can think of.

Nick at Nite was a staple of our childhood's back in the 1980's and 1990's. One popular show on the early Nick at Nite lineup was Alfred Hitchcock Presents. It was so popular that the powers that be at Nick at Nite decided to run a marathon on Halloween Week 1990 along with a contest for the viewer to guess how many people kick the bucket during said marathon to win a murder mystery cruise. Also, you're probably wondering why Wink Martindale is involved in this based on the image right?


Accompanying Nick at Nite 35th Anniversary article with some details about this contest via The Retro Network.


It was a Thing on TV proudly celebrates it's 100th episode! In honor of this occasion we're going back to where it all started as we revisit The Match Game/Hollywood Squares Hour. We know more about this topic from the reruns on BUZZR than we did around this time a year ago when we started. We look at the different celebrities that appeared on the show, the contestants and many memorable moments over the show's nine months on the air. Also, we've sprinkled many fun audio easter eggs over the course of the 100th show. Thanks to everyone for your support over the last year of this podcast.

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