It's the holiday season brother! In the latest Live Show, Greg and Chico watch the 1996 movie "Santa With Muscles" where the Hulkster plays an insane health food pitchman who gets amensia and now thinks he's Santa Claus! The Hulkster then has to save an Orphanage from a germophobic Ed Begley Jr.!

It's up to the Hulkster to save Garrett Morris, Robin Curtis and young Mila Kunis from the Zodiac killer brother!

For our second Thanksgiving episode this year, we watch this NBC special hosted by comedian Alan King from 1980. Alan along with Dick Van Patten, McLean Stevenson and Angie Dickinson try to help us answer the question that's on our minds this season "what have we got to be thankful for?"

It's an It Was a Thing annual tradition!  For the 4th straight year, we're celebrating Thanksgiving by watching balloons down Broadway, Pat Sajak & Stepfanie Kramer calling the action from Herald Square, and guests including Phyllis Diller and the Lawrence Brothers.

Superman!  What happened to you this year?

Amateur video from the 1986 Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade (Thomas Kerwick on YouTube) -

For Halloween, we present this It Was a Thing on TV "special presentation." Greg and Chico take a look at the Marvel Studios Disney+ special "Werewolf by Night."

Ted suggests that you give this a listen.

Wrestling fans tuned into the WCW Halloween Havoc 1993 Pay-Per-View expecting a night of exciting wrestling and what happened in the first four minutes was so weird that it's been on Greg's mind for the last 29 years.

Find out if a bunch of trick-or-treaters from Atlanta can be scared by Tony Schiavone.

The gang returns to the world of Beyond Belief: Fact or Fiction for this episode which has a Halloween theme in one of the segments.

Is one man actually being haunted by a meddling trick or treater who's pretending to be the grim reaper on Halloween night?

Can a mysterious drifter help Roy from The Office find love with his wife?

Is it possible that two people who about to be married can turn out to be seperated at birth?

These mysteries will be answered as we once again go Beyond Belief!


"Beyond Belief: Fact or Fiction - Season 3, Episode 9" (Full Episode) -


We bring 2021's recaps to a close with yet another Rankin-Bass holiday special, Rudolph's Shiny New Year.  We also sing a bad rendition of a popular theme song, we talk about both the 1976 and 1985 Detroit Pistons, and we hypothesize about if New Year's Eve failed to exist after 1976 and about how we'd be celebrating the 46th year of 50 Grand Slam.

We present to you Mike reading from the 2018 literary classic The Golden Girls 'Twas the Night Before Christmas.  Enjoy and happy holidays.

Merry Christmas!  This show, we're watching an interpretation of a holiday classic, as show favorite Paul Lynde portrays the patriarch of a family in a star-studded 1977 adaptation of 'Twas the Night Before Christmas.

We continue this year's look at holiday treasures with a Christmas tale about leprechauns?  The Leprechauns' Christmas Gold aired in 1981 and really has nothing to do with the holidays minus a scant few mentions of Christmas.  However, some big names lent their voices to this special.

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