February 12, 2021

Episode 135–Bzzz!

The Valentine's Day week tribute continues with a fun little game that didn't have the run it deserved, the late-90s Annie Wood speed dating game Bzzz!

Happy New Year! We're releasing the second of our two Director's Cut versions from Place to be Nation POP to start 2021 with a bang!

The SNL Doumanian Season Episode is presented with extended bits from the season to add proper context to the episode including the legendary Al Franken "Limo for the Lame-o" sketch.

Over two years, The Morton Downey Jr. Show took the nation by storm.  It was all over by Fall 1989, maybe because it was too controversial but also because the new late night show on the block at the time also took the nation by storm, The Arsenio Hall Show.

Every bad show has a bad season, it seems.  We will cover such bad seasons in future episodes.  For now, we are dedicating an entire show to one such season, Saturday Night Live's 6th season.  Almost nothing from the show's 5th season carried over, and it showed.

Who doesn't enjoy late night television's comedy bits between the monologue and the first guest?  We like them so much, we are devoting episodes to such segments which we affectionately call "shows within the show."  Our first look at late night shows within the show is David Letterman, running the gamut from a troubled teen who is clearly not a troubled teen, to a spoof of one of the most popular and controversial shows of the day.

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