In 1985, the Chicago Bears earned a place in pop culture history with their iconic song and music video during their Super Bowl winning season. Over the years, several teams and companies outside of football have tried to replicate the Bears magic with not much success. We cover a variety of these songs in the longest episode of the podcast yet!


The Patriots & We -


L.A. Rams Ram It Video -


Washington Thanks To The 12th Man -


Philadelphia Eagles: Buddy’s Watching You -


L.A. Raiders Silver and Black Attack Music Video -


Cleveland Browns Masters of the Gridiron -


N.Y. Giants Music Video -


AWA Wrestlerock Rumble -


East/West Bowl Rap Showdown (Key & Peele) -


KSL Studio Shuffle -


The Shiva Bowl Shuffle (The League) -


Sex Offender Shuffle -


Super Broker Shuffle -


Super Broker Shuffle Parody -


Barrington Snow Storm Shuffle -


The BoostMobile Shuffle -

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