7 years after the Doctor Who last aired, Whovians got some closure in the form of the Seventh Doctor regenerating into the Eighth Doctor, whose lifespan was, more or less, this movie.  The ratings weren't that great, a revival was passed upon, and the franchise would be dormant for another 9 years.

Now that WandaVision and The Falcon and The Winter Soldier's runs on Disney+ have wrapped up, Greg and Chico are here to give their thoughts on both series in this edition of It Was a Thing on TV Presents.

The two go over their favorite moments and least favorite moments of each show (coughmostofthewandavisionfinalecough).

Afterwards, they discuss other things going on that include the guest hosting carousel on Jeopardy!, Season 3 of Dark Side of the Ring on VICE, weird moments at the NFL Draft and WWE's Most Wanted Treasures on A&E.

1977 was a big year in science fiction movies, thanks to two little movies called Star Wars and Close Encounters of the Third Kind.  Those films might have been the big winners that night, but The 1978 Science Fiction Film Awards also gave us one of the most memorable performances in history.

Doctor Who has had its fair share of successful spinoffs.  One whose pilot aired but didn't get picked up was K-9 and Company in 1981 at the Beeb.  It looked good and they brought back Elizabeth Sladen as Sarah Jane Smith for it, but something happened...

It's the second edition in the remastered series of our early episodes. This time we go back at Episode 3 where Mike and Greg looked at two of Glen Larson's 1983 outings Manimal and Automan.

Listen as Greg enjoys the greatness of Simon McCorkindale and his Falcon as Mike shakes his head while they visit a little place called ZIPPERS?!?! BTW, Cursor is still a little pervert.

It's time for some revisionist history on a sci-fi channel with The Amazing Screw-On Head.  A star-studded cast couldn't get this out of pilot stage.  Maybe it was ahead of its time?

If you took a short nap back in 1979, you likely missed this two episode wonder.  It was like Superfriends became a live action show with a horrible laugh track.  If you thought the laugh track was bad, wait until you hear about the production values.

It's a week of wrestling episodes, starting off with a very special episode of Quantum Leap where Sam leaps into a wrestler's body in the deep south and takes one for the (tag) team.

This show tried to be something at first, but then the format changed halfway through its only season.  Apparently the only power Matthew Star had was to become a footnote in history. But hey, at least we got Louis Gossett Jr. on this show.

On this off-topic episode here on Podbean, Greg and Chico do a recap on the second season of The Mandalorian which recently finished on Disney+.

They discuss their favorite moments from Season 2 along with The Child's ..... let's just say taste in food.

Afterwards the duo then turns to recent developments in Phase Four of the Marvel Cinematic Universe with WandaVision launching later this month.

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