It's been a while since we have talked about the patron saint of this podcast.  McLean's birthday is coming soon, so we felt the time was appropriate to talk about his first series after he left M*A*S*H.  To be fair, you can't fully blame McLean for this show's downfall.

November 4, 2022

Episode 320–Fish

In October, we asked you to vote on which of three candidates you wanted us to cover as our Election Day episode.  Your winner was Fish, the spin-off of Barney Miller about Phil Fish's home life with his wife and five precocious scamps.

October 17, 2022

Episode 315–Camp Wilder

ABC went against the grain with some of their TGIF offerings.  First, Dinosaurs aired during TGIF.  Second, it was followed by Camp Wilder, an untraditional family sitcom loaded with future star power.

In 1997, CBS took the bold steps of putting together a 2-hour comedy block on Friday nights versus ABC's TGIF, and even took two of TGIF's stalwarts in the process.  The two former TGIF shows were on its last legs.  We're here to talk about the two original shows to the Block Party--Meego and The Gregory Hines Show.

In episode 61, we talked about the season when NBC owned and operated stations had primetime starting at 7:30.  We talked about one of those 5 shows, We Got it Made, in episode 66.  Another show from that experiment is this show's focus.  Marblehead Manor follows the antics of a wealthy family and their staff at their palatial residence.

Schuckapalooza forges on with this reboot of a 1960s classic with our hero this week playing Herman Munster, a role made famous by Fred Gwynne. In this sequel series, the Munster family wakes up from a 22-year sleep and has to mostly deal with Grandpa's crappy inventions.

Soap was riding high in 1980.  Its producers gave who would likely be the 6th most popular cast member on that show her own vehicle, with a cast that includes a comedy icon and a future comedy icon.  I'm a Big Girl Now was one (season) and done.

McCormick from Hardcastle and McCormick and Audrey Griswold #3 star in a sitcom about marrying someone to ensure they aren't deported from the country.  Of course, hilarity ensues.  The best moment of the show came at the very end of the final episode, when everybody knew the writing was on the wall.

Marvel Month nears its end with one of the more recent shows this podcast has covered.  Jamie Foxx, David Alan Grier and others showed a lot of promise when this debuted, but the plug was quickly pulled at Netflix.  Dad, Stop Embarrassing Me! was just a bland comedy which relied on many tropes.

April 28, 2022

Episode 263–Raising Dad

Bob Saget is playing a widower taking care of his daughters, but it's not Full House.  It's the early 2000s, this show is on the WB, and the two daughters on the show went on to much bigger and better things in the upcoming decades.  Marvel month rolls on with Raising Dad.

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