Soap was riding high in 1980.  Its producers gave who would likely be the 6th most popular cast member on that show her own vehicle, with a cast that includes a comedy icon and a future comedy icon.  I'm a Big Girl Now was one (season) and done.

McCormick from Hardcastle and McCormick and Audrey Griswold #3 star in a sitcom about marrying someone to ensure they aren't deported from the country.  Of course, hilarity ensues.  The best moment of the show came at the very end of the final episode, when everybody knew the writing was on the wall.

Marvel Month nears its end with one of the more recent shows this podcast has covered.  Jamie Foxx, David Alan Grier and others showed a lot of promise when this debuted, but the plug was quickly pulled at Netflix.  Dad, Stop Embarrassing Me! was just a bland comedy which relied on many tropes.

April 28, 2022

Episode 263–Raising Dad

Bob Saget is playing a widower taking care of his daughters, but it's not Full House.  It's the early 2000s, this show is on the WB, and the two daughters on the show went on to much bigger and better things in the upcoming decades.  Marvel month rolls on with Raising Dad.

CBS was having a tough go in the late 80s, in an era dominated by NBC.  They gave a pilot not unlike UHF spearheaded by Eddie Murphy a chance, but it was one and done.  Don't change that channel and discover What's Alan Watching?

We start our 2nd annual "Lost in Translation" week with a hit comedy from Australia which bombed in the States in 2008.  Kath and Kim was to be the next big NBC Thursday night comedy.  Despite a plum time slot, a great cast, and a plethora of great guests, it was sent packing after 17 episodes.

February 21, 2022

Episode 243–Life with Lucy

Without question, Lucille Ball is a legend.  Unfortunately, even legends make missteps.  Life with Lucy in 1986 was Lucy's misstep.  Thirteen episodes were shot and only eight aired. In this episode, we look at the reasons why this misfired, was it because ABC was that desperate for a hit? was it because audiences were weary of Lucy's physical comedy at her age? was it because the executives were afraid to say no to Lucy?

On a lighter note, enjoy our discussion of a Pre-Life Goes On Kelle Martin on Card Sharks in 1986.

February 17, 2022

Episode 242–Get a Life

One of this podcast's favorite people is Chris Elliott.  Post-Letterman, Elliott starred in the FOX sitcom Get a Life.  While hilarious and brilliant, it might have been a little too out there, even for the hip and relatively new network. This episode has been Handsome Boy approved.

February 3, 2022

Episode 238–The Class

It's 2006 and How I Met Your Mother was CBS' sophomore hit featuring 20- and 30-somethings.  Why not follow that with a series with people around the same age who all went to school together decades earlier?  It can't miss!  It did. But at least most of the cast of this show went on to bigger and better things.

In tribute to Bob Saget, the premiere of "How I Met Your Father" on Hulu and the upcoming Super Bowl, we look at a classic episode from the second season of "How I Met Your Mother".

Ted and his friends get stuck going to a funeral on the night of Super Bowl XLI and have to go the next 18 hours avoiding spoilers for the game. But the question is how is everybody going to avoid not knowing what happened in the game and why did Barney blow all his money betting on the Chicago Bears?

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