We present to you Mike reading from the 2018 literary classic The Golden Girls 'Twas the Night Before Christmas.  Enjoy and happy holidays.

October 14, 2021

Episode 206–Too Many Cooks

Simultaneously one of the most brilliant things on TV the last decade and one of the most bizarre, Too Many Cooks aired in the dead of night on Adult Swim.  Within days, it was viral and repeated often.  We offer a live commentary while watching the show and get into details about some of the production, and what happened to some of the actors and actresses.

August 30, 2021

Episode 192–Domestic Life

A short-run show from 1984, Domestic Life involved a number of big stars including Steve Martin, Tom Hanks, and Martin Mull.  Some members of the media knew it was good, but it was just too late.  And it had Bob Ridgely!

August 16, 2021

Episode 189–aka Pablo

Norman Lear tried bringing a Latino-centric family comedy to network television in 1984 with limited success.  Paul Rodriguez would go on to bigger and better things, as well as one of his nephews.

The first half of the remastered series wraps up with Episode 12 looking at show favorite McLean Stevenson and his 1979-80 NBC vehicle Hello, Larry. In this episode, the crew tries to find reasons as to why this show was considered one of the worst shows ever and if it was justified.

We at It Was a Thing on TV are happy to announce we are improving the audio quality of some of our early episodes. So if you've started listening to us recently, it's a good chance for you to hear how the show has evolved to what it is now.

For the first remastered episode, we go back to the second episode of the podcast when we covered Mr. Smith. This episode is historic as it's the first appearance of Chico on the podcast and the first time Greg ever did the RAWR!

Seriously, Paramount+ please put Mr. Smith on the service! WE BEG YOU!

Married with Children lasted over 10 years and 259 episodes in the United States.  When it was exported to the UK as Married for Life, it lasted 7 episodes, utilizing the same scripts as the original version, modified with British references.  Talk about another show which got lost in translation.

This is our first of two "Lost in Translation" episodes, covering popular shows which failed in other countries.  This time, we look at the import from the UK, Coupling, which was to be the next big thing after Friends, but was off the schedule after just 4 episodes.

It looked good on paper.  Minus Dorothy, it was, for the most part, its predecessor.  But hoo boy, Urkel roflstomped The Golden Palace into foreclosure.

January 11, 2021

Episode 126–Oh Madeline

Oh Madeline had plenty of quality guests, the versatile and multi-talented Madeline Kahn, and had its moments.  It also had three unique theme songs and was revamped in its sole season.  It was Carsey-Werner's first TV series, before they hit it big a year later with The Cosby Show.

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