Today marks the 30th Anniversary of Nolan Ryan's 7th and final No-Hitter for the Texas Rangers against the Toronto Blue Jays at Arlington Stadium.

On that night for some odd reason the game wasn't carried locally in the Dallas-Fort Worth market, however the local NBC station in Dallas thought it would be a good idea to carry the 9th inning live on-air to start the 10 O'Clock News. Enjoy as we listen in on this strange simulcast and explain the strange story as to why this occurred which wasn't revealed until recently.

Hardline - The Ticket (Dallas) Friday Fun on this broadcast:

Terry Briggs and Norm Hitzges Talk NBC Airing Nolan 7th No Hitter Commentary:

It's the second of our two wrestling themed episode this week. In 1986, the World Wrestling Federation held the sequel to the first WrestleMania and tried to top that event's success holding it in three different venues and jamming it with celebrities all over the place. Join us as we talk about the color commentary of Susan St. James (UH-OH!) and the expert boxing judging of G. Gordon Liddy.

There have been numerous attempts at football outside of the NFL season.  None exist any longer.  A recent attempt in 2019 was the Alliance of American Football (AAF), which we remember fondly.

Listen as we blame the owner of Chico’s favorite hockey team for the demise of the league.

5 Ridiculous Stories from the last days of the AAF (FlemLo Raps) -

In 1985, the Chicago Bears earned a place in pop culture history with their iconic song and music video during their Super Bowl winning season. Over the years, several teams and companies outside of football have tried to replicate the Bears magic with not much success. We cover a variety of these songs in the longest episode of the podcast yet!


The Patriots & We -


L.A. Rams Ram It Video -


Washington Thanks To The 12th Man -


Philadelphia Eagles: Buddy’s Watching You -


L.A. Raiders Silver and Black Attack Music Video -


Cleveland Browns Masters of the Gridiron -


N.Y. Giants Music Video -


AWA Wrestlerock Rumble -


East/West Bowl Rap Showdown (Key & Peele) -


KSL Studio Shuffle -


The Shiva Bowl Shuffle (The League) -


Sex Offender Shuffle -


Super Broker Shuffle -


Super Broker Shuffle Parody -


Barrington Snow Storm Shuffle -


The BoostMobile Shuffle -

It's the week of The Big Game!  You know which one, that Superb Owl.  Like last year, we're looking back at something regarding that event.  The 1989 edition had a halftime show which wasn't the marching bands or Up With People from years past.  It also hadn't reached the era of epic musicians.  Instead, it was magic tricks and 50s music, all in glorious 3D.

When we found out Nickelodeon was simulcasting the NFL Wild Card game between the Saints and the Bears, we knew this had future entry written all over it.

And the broadcast was everything we hoped it would be. Join us in a live watch of the second half as we see how many Nickelodeon shows Nate Burleson can punch on your bingo card.

In honor of the World Series, we look back at a classic baseball episode of one our favorite shows on the podcast. In 1984, the Chicago Cubs went to their first postseason in almost 40 years and a new NBC sitcom set in the Windy City capitalized on Cubs Fever. In this classic episode of Punky Brewster, Henry has to battle crazed fans, radio call-in contests and scalpers all in an effort to get Punky to see the Cubbies in the playoffs. Also how does someone from one our previous entries get involved in all of this?

The NFL season starts tonight!  (Who knows how long it will last...)  In celebration of the start of the new season, we look at what is considered the worst Monday Night Football game, a 2007 affair between the Miami Dolphins and the Pittsburgh Steelers.  Though Miami had a forgettable team that year, that wasn't the primary reason this game was bad.

Like many things in the 70s and 80s, minor happenings were turned into celebrity-laden events for television.  It happened to collegiate cheerleading in 1980, infusing it with such personalities as Magic Johnson, Catherine Bach, and...Willie Shoemaker?

In May, our first live show was on the Dark Side of the Ring installment about Herb Abrams.  On this episode, we go a bit deeper into this feeble attempt to topple the WWF (now WWE) empire.

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