We're going to the ballpark for this installment, as some of 1967's brightest Major League Baseball players went against celebrities back in the day on the softball diamond, with some very special celebrities handling the duties behind the mic and two legends acting as managers.

Recently, word came out that American Gladiators is being rebooted...again.  By coincidence, we had this show slotted for this week in our schedule.  We talk about 4 shows which tried riding the coattails of the Gladiators--Knights and WarriorsBlade WarriorsBattledome, and Wild West Showdown.  There are other shows of varying success we mention at the end.  Put on your Spandex and get ready to take down some larger than life figures in this installment.


2:43 Knights and Warriors
32:50 Blade Warriors
40:11 Battledome
1:09:34 Wild West Showdown
1:26:36 Acknowledging other shows

Last year, we gave you the 3rd Annual Collegiate Cheerleading Championship with Magic Johnson, Jayne Kennedy, Catherine Bach, and Gallagher.  We're back with the championships from a year later with John Davidson, Marilyn Michaels, Mary Ann Mobley, Andy Gibb, and Victoria Principal.

YouTube link via FuzzyMemories - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a9C_IW48a-M

In 1979, your run-of-the-mill baseball doubleheader between the Detroit Tigers and the Chicago White Sox turned into one of the most infamous promotions in sports history, leading to chaos, arrests, a White Sox forfeit, and many shards of vinyl on Comiskey Park's field.  In this episode, we revisit Disco Demolition Night.


Super Disco Demolition: The 40th Anniversary Compilation (Fuzzy Memories) - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kqDkBM9vxw8

Local News Coverage of Disco Demolition Night (stellamasters) - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MpQfCcsqQ0E

CSN Chicago 30th Anniversary Disco Demoliton Night Retrospective from 2009 (SoxDrawer) - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=97lgR41qZC8

The Olympic Triplecast wasn't the only big flop in 1992.  Reebok ran an ad campaign with two highly touted athletes, only for one to not make it to Barcelona. One ended up eventually winning gold four years later though and hey at least it sold a lot of Reebok Pump's.

Our games continue with men battling bears in bear-themed competition.  That's it.  We talk about other things like Bil Dwyer and Matt Vasgersian because...it's just men battling bears.  Did you know Honey Bump is a bear?  IMDb says so!

The Olympic Games have started, and we start our games by bringing you athletes and normal people competing against animals in two FOX specials--Man vs. Beast.  Come for Olympic runners going against jungle animals, stay for little people battling an elephant in a test of strength.

Over the next 2+ weeks, we will cover Olympic-themed topics.  Starting off our coverage is one of the biggest flops of all time.  Three channels of 24/7 Olympic coverage for $125 in 1992?  What's the catch?  There are a few.  At least those who bought in to the Olympic Triplecast have a Triplecast remote control which likely doesn't do anything nowadays.

It's the late 80s and action sports are big, like wrestling and American Gladiators.  Take roller derby and combine it with certain aspects of wrestling, then add a dash of rock and roll flair.  The result is 13 glorious episodes of the late 80s favorite RollerGames.  Go for the wall but avoid the alligator pit.

Today marks the 30th Anniversary of Nolan Ryan's 7th and final No-Hitter for the Texas Rangers against the Toronto Blue Jays at Arlington Stadium.

On that night for some odd reason the game wasn't carried locally in the Dallas-Fort Worth market, however the local NBC station in Dallas thought it would be a good idea to carry the 9th inning live on-air to start the 10 O'Clock News. Enjoy as we listen in on this strange simulcast and explain the strange story as to why this occurred which wasn't revealed until recently.

Hardline - The Ticket (Dallas) Friday Fun on this broadcast: https://omny.fm/shows/the-ticket-top-10/hardline-friday-fun-nolan-ryans-7th-no-hitter-call

Terry Briggs and Norm Hitzges Talk NBC Airing Nolan 7th No Hitter Commentary: https://player.fm/series/the-ticket-top-10-2166161/hardline-terry-briggs-and-norm-hitzges-talk-nbc-airing-nolan-7th-no-hitter-controversy

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