We're going way back with this one, but it's a goodie.  At Last the 1948 Show only ran for two series, but it was a primitive version of one of television's classic comedy sketch shows, one Monty Python's Flying Circus.

BBC Time Shift - Missing, Believed Wiped (2003) featuring At Last the 1948 Show - https://www.dailymotion.com/video/xvum24

7 years after the Doctor Who last aired, Whovians got some closure in the form of the Seventh Doctor regenerating into the Eighth Doctor, whose lifespan was, more or less, this movie.  The ratings weren't that great, a revival was passed upon, and the franchise would be dormant for another 9 years.

In November of 1970, a story aired on KATU news in Oregon about a beached whale being exploded with dynamite to dispose of it. It ended up being one of the most unusual and memorable local news reports of all-time.

Original KATU news report - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V6CLumsir34

NewsNation on the 50th Anniversary of the report with Paul Linnman - https://www.newsnationnow.com/us-news/west/50th-anniversary-of-viral-beach-whale-explosion/

The Coneheads was a staple of the early days of SNL and it was later a cinematic release, but there was an animated pilot in 1983 which was a one and done.  Get your sensor rings at the ready as we look at the wacky adventures of Beldar, Prymaat, and Connie Conehead.

You heard about the TV movie in the previous episode.  The powers that be at NBC felt it was so successful that a pilot was made a year later.  It had its moments but alas, no Michael J. Fox, no Todd Bridges, and no Nancy McKeon only got High School U.S.A. to pilot stage, one which aired.

Our next edition of the remastered series goes back to Episode 5 as we looked at two pet-centric game shows. That's My Dog which had a four-year run on The Family Channel and Think Like a Cat a one-off special that aired on GSN back in 2008.

Let's just say that Sega CD-ish animated open for That's My Dog is one of the best things we've ever talked about on this podcast.

NBC's young stars came out to shine in this NBC TV movie, which also acted as a reunion of sorts for two other much older TV shows.  It was had star power, it was funny, it had too many plots, and most importantly, it has a connection to our pilot month.  Stay tuned...

(Note this is best enjoyed while watching the movie on YouTube, starting at about the 26:55 mark in the episode.  We give about an hour of commentary while watching the movie.)

Around Halloween 2012, a pilot to a rebooted version of The Munsters aired.  If you were expecting campy humor that worked in the 1960s, you're solely mistaken.  Mockingbird Lane was a very dark comedy which was not your Munsters from 50 years ago.

Our next episode in the remastered series is the final episode of our initial series of shows covering 1983 NBC with Jennifer Slept Here.

Two noteable things as of April of 2021 it's the only episode with a guest in Kris Lane and the only time Greg has not appeared in an episode (although he explains why in the cold open before the start of the remastered episode).

Anyways, here's hoping one day you see the most beautiful woman in the world who previously was making a living (get it?).

1977 was a big year in science fiction movies, thanks to two little movies called Star Wars and Close Encounters of the Third Kind.  Those films might have been the big winners that night, but The 1978 Science Fiction Film Awards also gave us one of the most memorable performances in history.

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