August 12, 2021

Episode 187–Ric Flair Commercials

Last year we did Hulk Hogan commercials and this year we're covering the Nature Boy Ric Flair in the various commercials he's done over the years.

We talk about weird spots he's done like promoting car insurance to promoting Nature Boy bites to promoting scratch-off lottery tickets. Ric has done it all including wrestling a Russian Bear and we're gonna talk about them in this episode! WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!


1. 1986 Great American Bash VHS Commercial -

2. TBS “TBYES” Commercial with Ric Flair and Jimmie Walker -

3. Ric Flair TBS NWA Main Event Commercial -

4. WCW Galoob Action Figures Commercial -

5. North Carolina Lottery Ric Flair Scratch Off Commercial -

6. North Carolina Lottery Ric Flair Scratch Off “Wooooo II” Commercial -

7. Fuel in a Bottle Commercial -

8. US Auto Sales - Papa Flair’s Used Cars -

9. Snickers Make It Happen with Ric Flair Commercial -

10. Cumberland Farms Cold Brew -

11. Nature Boy Bites -

12. WCW Clash of the Champions XXIII Promo -

13. TickPick No Extra Flair -

14. Jake’s Fireworks -

15. Ric Flair vs. Bear (EA Command & Conquer: Red Alert 3) -

16. Sabra Hummus Super Bowl LIV Commercial -

17. CarShield -

18. WWE Colonel Rumble -

19. Four Horsemen Vitamins -

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