If you took a short nap back in 1979, you likely missed this two episode wonder.  It was like Superfriends became a live action show with a horrible laugh track.  If you thought the laugh track was bad, wait until you hear about the production values.

It's the second of our two wrestling themed episode this week. In 1986, the World Wrestling Federation held the sequel to the first WrestleMania and tried to top that event's success holding it in three different venues and jamming it with celebrities all over the place. Join us as we talk about the color commentary of Susan St. James (UH-OH!) and the expert boxing judging of G. Gordon Liddy.

It's a week of wrestling episodes, starting off with a very special episode of Quantum Leap where Sam leaps into a wrestler's body in the deep south and takes one for the (tag) team.

Married with Children lasted over 10 years and 259 episodes in the United States.  When it was exported to the UK as Married for Life, it lasted 7 episodes, utilizing the same scripts as the original version, modified with British references.  Talk about another show which got lost in translation.

This is our first of two "Lost in Translation" episodes, covering popular shows which failed in other countries.  This time, we look at the import from the UK, Coupling, which was to be the next big thing after Friends, but was off the schedule after just 4 episodes.

This leprechaun story was one of the first viral YouTube videos, from back in 2006.  This story got significant media attention and was soon spoofed on shows including Key and Peele and South Park.  Was it really a leprechaun?  Find out in this St. Patrick's Day special!


Bob and Dan (BAD) Radio Dallas: "Dan Finds The Leprechaun" - https://www.theunticket.com/dan-finds-the-leprechaun/

The REAL Story Behind The Alabama Leprechaun (wavywebsurf) - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PJcz37ERPKQ

It looked good on paper.  Minus Dorothy, it was, for the most part, its predecessor.  But hoo boy, Urkel roflstomped The Golden Palace into foreclosure.

Happy Mario Day this Wednesday!  (Get it, MAR10?)  We pay our respects to this non-holiday by looking at the unforgettable Super Mario Bros. Super Show!  One of us never watched this on Fridays for reasons.

Just a note there were some audio issues during the recording of this and the next episode with hot mics, they've mostly been fixed in post, but they'll show up at a few points here and there.

It was to be Paul Reubens' bounce back role after Pee Wee's Playhouse was cancelled.  You Don't Know Jack is but a blip in TV history, a deviation from what TV audiences were used to seeing.  Mike used his Money in the Bank on this and by the end of this episode, he regrets selecting this show.

Tim Conway is a legend but it seems he's only best known for The Carol Burnett Show and Dorf on Golf.  One of his post-Burnett flops is Ace Crawford...Private Eye, a detective show in a similar vein to Police Squad!, but with a horrible laugh track.

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