November 13, 2022

It Was a Thing on TV Presents: Before the Show

For the first time ever here on Podbean, we bring you the preshow we do before the show. There's been so much going on in the past week that we have to talk about it to you right here. Enjoy as we discuss the dumpster fire going on at Twitter, Newlywed Game '96 on BUZZR and the time Johnny Olson won a Boy George look alike contest!


0:03 - Intro/Twitter is a dumpster fire

3:16 - FTX goes bankrupt as the Crypto market crashes

7:28 - We get an Instagram comment

9:14 - PAX/ION discussion

14:39 - Kevin Conroy's passing

17:29 - Old timey radio style podcasts

18:56 - Omnibus goes down from two episodes a week to one

20:36 - Mike gets sick over last weekend

21:45 - Supermarket discussion

25:24 - Gallagher's passing

29:32 - Gary Kroeger's Newlywed Game airs on BUZZR/MG90 discussion

35:57 - Who will buy Twitter after Elon Musk ruins it?

40:00 - Previewing this week's episodes on the podcast

45:59 - Discussion on the time that Johnny Olson won a Boy George look alike contest on The Price is Right

55:27 - Previewing the next live show (Star Trek IV) and closing

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